Every Sculpture Tells A Story

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1. Sunflower

By Patricia Vader
Sponsored by Bank of North Georgia

As the cheerful Sunflower turns its face to the sun, kinetic petals move in the wind. Sunflower comes to life in the slightest air movement and creates a joyful spectacle as its heart and petals spin in both clockwise and counter clockwise directions. Sunflower is a whimsical homage to the North American native wildflower first domesticated by the American Indians.

Patricia Vader often uses bicycle wheels and other recycled elements in her outdoor public sculptures, currently on display in locations across the country. A California resident, she holds a master’s degree in fine arts and a doctorate in mathematics and natural sciences.

Location: Roswell Area Park Lake

2. Oak Leaf Triptych

By Jim Gallucci
Purchased by Roswell Arts Fund

The oak tree is as essential to Roswell’s landscape as our rolling hills, and Oak Leaf Triptych honors their beauty in a striking sculpture that functions as a garden room divider or a dramatic frame for a beautiful view. 

Jim Gallucci creates public sculpture that relates to people, places and events, often looking to nature for inspiration. Recent works, like this one, have explored the historical significance of doors and gateways. He resides in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Location: Roswell Area Park, Playground

3. Sentience

By David Landis
Sponsored by Lennar Multifamily

The delicate beauty and elegance of a flower is amplified as this stainless steel sculpture stretches to the sky. A few of the petals are only partially formed, a subtle nod to the temporary nature of its beauty.  The petals reflect the colorful surroundings on Canton Street; you’ll notice intricate vein patterns as you get closer.

Sculptures created by David Landis feature abstract interpretations of nature, ranging from large scale public commissions to smaller private works.  A Georgia native, Landis’ work is featured in collections and commissions around the US.

Location: Heart of Canton Street

4. Smoke

By Marc Moulton
Purchased by Roswell Wine Festival 2016

Made of aluminum and self-weathering steel, Smoke captures the lyrical beauty of smoke as it drifts toward the sky.  Just imagine: is this smoke rising from a campfire or from the nearby Roswell Mill in days gone by?

Marc Moulton is a Georgia native whose artistic direction has focused on creating art works for public spaces, successfully responding to project boundaries while creating sculpture that is conceptually and visually compelling.

Location: Town Square

5. Reception

By Fred Ajanogha
Sponsored by ALDI

Reception welcomes visitors to the city, fulfilling a Nigerian tradition that visitors should be welcomed by the most beautiful woman within the house and offered a gift. Reception is a stone cast sculpture of an African woman, dressed in traditional attire, holding a drinking gourd. 

A trained sculptor who grew up in Benin, Nigeria, Fred Ajanogna has created figurative sculptures in Nigeria and the US. His works are on display at several Atlanta locations, as well as in the private collection of former President Jimmy Carter and home of Maya Angelou. He is currently working on bronze relief of the late mayor of Atlanta that was commissioned by the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Location: Roswell Riverwalk

6. BorBor 6.1

By William Vannerson
Sponsored by Gas South

An organic shape made of fabricated steel, BorBor 6.1 reflects the influence of Gothic architecture, plant growth, anatomy, and rock formations. What do you see in this artful arrangement of stainless steel tubing?

Will Vannerson grew up in Pensacola, Florida and earned his BFA in 2005 at Florida State University, where he studied sculpture, and his MFA from the University of Kansas in 2011.  He has been awarded artist residencies nationally and internationally and has also begun to develop a body of larger outdoor work.  He currently lives, works, and rides his bicycle in Kansas City, Missouri.

Location: Riverside Park at West Trail

7. Steady

By Ben Pierce
Sponsored by Turner Construction

Steady features a colorful oculus, or circular opening, balanced between two straight lines like a tripod. Where is it focused?  Ben Pierce’s sculpture is modern, simple, and honest.

Pierce was born in Southeast Missouri and raised on traditional values, honesty and hard work.  He constructs simple geometric forms to capture the viewers’ interest and stir their emotions.  Negative space is a large aspect of Pierce's work that helps to create tension to capture and focus on space.

Location: Riverside Park at East Trail entrance

8. Robot Conveyor 

By James Hetherington
Sponsored by Canton Place Development

Robot Conveyor is a pharmaceutical robot wrapped with stainless steel conveyor belts from a bakery. The sculpture symbolizes two machines, joined by the artist, to serve man.

James Hetherington’s kinetic sculptures are made from both salvaged and hand-crafted materials. Through their construction, the artist is able to ask—and sometimes answer—questions about our human condition, our effect on the environment, and how art can benefit science. Hetherington lives and creates in San Antonio, Texas.

Location: Don White Park, near volleyball courts

9. Cycle 

By Joey Manson
Sponsored by Roswell P3, Visit Roswell GA & Roswell Inc

One of the most universal of symbols—a circle—is at the heart of the sculpture, and represents how we cycle through every process. The juxtaposition of man-made materials in a natural setting is a fitting reminder of our need to get closer to the earth and enjoy being in nature.

Joey Manson works with industrial materials to depict his surroundings, creating sculpture that explores man’s built, social, and environmental constructs. He resides in Central, South Carolina.

Location: Don White Park, near bridge

10. Radiance 

By Gregory Johnson
Sponsored by Pieper O’Brien Herr

Radiance suggests sunlight and movement as it marks the entrance to a park that’s popular for sports facilities, a community garden, and summer camps. A circle serves as the starting point for the sculpture, and the confluence of circles and lines project a sense of energy and optimism. Vibrant light reflects from the stainless steel.

A Chicago native who’s spent the last 35 years in the southeast, Gregory Johnson is known for his traditional bronze sculptures as well as his modern works in stainless steel.  He has created public art works for communities across the US; his sculptures and paintings are on display in public and private collections throughout the US, Europe, Costa Rica, and the Middle East.  His studio is nearby in Cumming, Ga.

Location: East Roswell Park Entrance

11. Sweet Pops of Brilliance

By Craig Snyder
Sponsored by WellStar

Happy, fun, and colorful, Sweet Pops of Brilliance features man-made materials forged into a whimsical form, then infused with bright primary shades.

Craig Snyder’s art often showcases the interactions between earth-based materials, as natural finishes soften hard man-made materials, as well as the mingling of Western and Eastern cultures.  Fascinated with the East, he experiments with techniques and concepts that originate there, including wabi-sabi, the acceptance of beauty infused by the imperfection as a reflection of our lives and loves.

Location: East Roswell Park, by Lake

12. Interwoven

By Aisling Millar McDonald
Sponsored by Renasant Bank

The inspiration for Interwoven comes from the standing stones and Gothic archways of Ireland. The iconography suggests three different styles of Celtic interlace knotwork.  

Aisling Millar’s sculptures are inspired by iconic images found throughout Ireland and explore her experience of growing up in the Irish culture, emigrating and adopting the culture of the US, and the hybrid culture that is created by their intersection.  Her works display an understanding of self, biculturalism, and belonging.  A resident of Jacksonville, Florida, Millar focuses on creating outdoor sculpture that becomes part of a community environment and experience.

Location: Big Creek

Featured Sculpture

Sky Maintenance 

By Dima Alekseyev
Gift from the artist  

Taking care of the sky is no easy job—but these workers are up for the task. Suspended from the bridge on Highway 400, which crosses over the Chattahoochee River at Riverside Road,  “Sky Maintenance” is visible to all passersby, including those driving along Riverside Road, walking in Don White Park or kayaking down the Chattahoochee.  “Sky Maintenance” is sure to spark delight and curiosity no matter your vantage point.

Dima Alekseyev is well known for his large, suspended silhouettes, which are installed on public structures around the world. Most recently, “Games: Ancient Olympia to Atlanta to Rio.” was installed at the Millennium Gate Museum.

This imaginative artwork is a temporary gift to the City of Roswell by the artist.

Location: Don White Bridge at GA 400

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