Every Sculpture Tells A Story


1. Avian

By Michael Dillon

Poised and ready to take flight, Avian is a large bronze and iron wing mounted on a forged staff. Graceful and kinetic, the wing rotates 360 degrees, creating an interactive experience that transcends any preconceived notion of traditional bronze and iron sculptures.

Michael Dillon has lived in and around Roswell for the past 25 years, and his works exemplify the Roswell spirit— steeped in history, with a modern flair. As a blacksmith and artist, his sculptures are hand forged using large industrial hammers to create work that is both visually uncomplicated and intricate.

Location: Roswell Area Park, at the lake
Material: Bronze and Iron

2. Oak Leaf Triptych

By Jim Gallucci
Sponsored By Gas South

The oak tree is as essential to Roswell’s landscape as our rolling hills, and Oak Leaf Triptych honors their beauty in a striking sculpture that functions as a garden room divider or a dramatic frame for a beautiful view. 

Jim Galluci creates public sculpture that relates to people, places and events, often looking to nature for inspiration. Recent works, like this one, have explored the historical significance of doors and gateways. He resides in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Location: Roswell Area Park, Playground
Material: Stainless Steel

3. Architectural Reliquary: Gothic Bike Rack

By Suzy Hendrix
Sponsored by 2015 Members Downtown Development Authority

Featuring richly colored stained glass, Gothic Bike Rack is a colorful, utilitarian and interactive work.  The glass centerpiece captures and reflects the light, much like windows found in many of Roswell’s churches, while flying buttress wings flank each side and act as bike racks. Reflect upon the past as this functional sculpture enhances our present day.

Suzy Hendrix designs and builds sculptures influenced by her work as a stained glass artist. In this series, she has explored the human imprint on architecture throughout the centuries, creating art that unites form, function, and beauty in a thought-provoking way.

Location: Heart of Canton Street
Material: Steel, cast glass, epoxy

4. Smoke

By Marc Moulton
Sponsored by Roswell CVB Board of Directors (Roswell Inc & Visit Roswell, GA)

Made of aluminum and self-weathering steel, Smoke captures the lyrical beauty of smoke as it drifts toward the sky.  Just imagine: is this smoke rising from a campfire or from the nearby Roswell Mill in days gone by?

Marc Moulton is a Georgia native whose artistic direction has focused on creating art works for public spaces, successfully responding to project boundaries while creating sculpture that is conceptually and visually compelling.

Location: Town Square
Material: Aluminum and self-weathering steel

5. SS Sentinel

By Rollin Karg
Sponsored by Lennar Multifamily, Roswell City Walk

A whimsical melding of stainless steel flags and blown glass platters creates a sense of celebration in this magnificent sculpture.  The largest sculpture in the tour, the form rises to a height of 12 foot 6 inches and reaches 8 feet wide. 

Rollin Karg creates art from metal and glass that merges with the environment. He finds “pure joy” in seeing the stunning effect his art has on the landscape. An artist for over thirty years, Karg’s career began in business and engineering before he discovered the magic of glass blowing.

Location: Riverside Park at West Trail entrance
Material: Stainless Steel and glass

6. Bicycle Built for Two

By Jim Collins
Sponsored by Bank of North Georgia

Historic forms on a tandem bicycle represent Roswell’s rich heritage and our passion for recreation and enjoying the outdoors. As this elegant lady and gentleman enjoy an afternoon in the park, imagine the stories they might they tell if they came to life.

Jim Collins builds figurative sculptures from stainless steel, aluminum and other materials that are easy to identify, yet challenging in their interpretation. A Tennessee resident, historic themes and fine craftsmanship are hallmarks of his work.

Location: Riverside Park at East Trail entrance
Material: Powder-coated stainless steel

7. Einstein Sundial

By Mary Ruden & Robert Benfield
Sponsored by Publix Super Markets

Science meets art in this working sundial that illustrates the photoelectric effect, a theory that led to a Nobel Prize for Albert Einstein. You’ll enjoy getting up close to check the time at this innovative tribute to the genius of one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century.

Mary Ruden is an artist and teacher who often teams with scientist Robert Benfield to create works of art that are both instructional and inspiring. Frequently based on scientific themes, their work is displayed around the country, including numerous exhibitions related to the healthcare field.

Location: Don White Park (near volleyball courts)
Stainless steel, aluminum, steel, glass

8. Early Hatch

By Joey Manson

Bright and bold, Early Hatch brings industrial materials into the riverside landscape, challenging us to consider how our natural and technological environments interact. How can man create things that complement nature?  Why is that important?

Joey Manson works with industrial materials to depict his surroundings, creating sculpture that explores man’s built, social, and environmental constructs. He resides in Central, South Carolina.

Location: Don White Park under 400
Material: Steel, concrete, paint

9. Papillon

By David Landis

The beauty, elegance and simplicity of the butterfly wing is captured in this 8’ tall, polished stainless steel sculpture. Bordering on the abstract, the wing reflects the natural colors of its surroundings. The intricate detail of the vein patterns become recognizable as you approach for a closer look.

Sculptures created by David Landis feature abstract interpretations of nature, ranging from large scale public commissions to smaller private works.  A Georgia native, Landis’ work is featured in collections and commissions around the United States.

Location: East Roswell Park
Material: Stainless Steel

10. Solar Wind

By Patricia Vader

Solar Wind brings to mind the idea of sunshine and energy emanating from an open center.  Made of repurposed bicycle wheels, the sculpture seems right at home in the bike-friendly Roswell community and encourages us to find art in the everyday.

Patricia Vader often uses bicycle elements in her outdoor public sculptures, currently on display in locations across the country. A California resident, she holds a master’s degree in fine arts and a doctorate in mathematics and natural sciences.

Location: Big Creek Park at boardwalk entrance
Material: Recycled bicycle parts and other metals

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